BibMe –


BibMe is a free bibliography and citation maker that allows you to create citations for your paper or research work in just a few minutes. It takes cares all of your citations problems and allows you to easily create citations. All you need to create citations is that you must have a source which you are going to cite and then you can select your citation style. BibMe will do the rest for you and create citations. Once you are done creating citations, you can export those citations in Word form.

You just have to enter the link/name of the content you wish to cite and BibMe will take care of the rest. BibMe has a lot of sources available for citation and you won’t find yourself in a position where you won’t find the source that you’re looking for.

If you like then you can directly input citation in your paper. All you need to do is upload the paper that you’re working on and then create citations. BibMe will add those citations for you in your paper.

What is BibMe Plus?

BibMe Plus gives you access to some additional features, which are very handy for having a professional paper. Those features aren’t available in the basic account and you need to subscribe to BibMe Plus which has a 3-day free trial after which it is $9.95 per month.

The most useful feature of the BibMe Plus is that it has Plagiarism and Grammar Checker. The plagiarism checker allows you to look for any plagiarism errors or unintentional plagiarism and missing citations, so your paper looks professional.

With the help of the grammar checker, you will be able to fix any grammatical mistakes, improve the sentence structure, punctuation, writing style. You also get an ad-free experience with BibMe Plus.