Do Clay Pots Develop More Taste In Your Food?

Our ancestors use to prepare dinner their meals either directly on fireplace or the use of pots created from clay. With the improvement in generation, we’ve got evolved an awful lot better appliances and in doing so we’ve also misplaced the meals’s real taste and vitamins.

People in South Asia mainly use clay pots for cooking Indian foods. These pots are referred to as ‘Meti Handi’ according to the people of Odisha and the secret at the back of the delicious flavor isn’t the recipe but in reality the clay pots wherein the meals is cooked.

So how do pots made from clay develop flavor in while cooking Indian style? Yes, granted, getting ready food in clay pots may take a number of time, however the meals is, with none doubt, a lot richer in flavor and nutrients.

Let’s discuss a number of the blessings of cooking in a pot made from clay.

Naturally Sweetens the Food

Some of the food require sweeteners to develop the desired flavors. For instance, in cooking meat, potatoes, fish, and rice, the sweetener allows melt the beef and reduces calorie intake.

This is the important motive why natural tea and everyday teas are nonetheless boiled in clay pots because it enhances the flavor the usage of the natural elements of the clay in place of any metallic or different metallic utensils.

Preserving Vitamins

Clay pots for Indian cooking hold the temperature and the moisture content material of the meals via stopping the steam from evaporating. The essence of the food is preserved with the herbal element of clay. It absorbs the warmth and gives the highest quality surroundings for the procedure.

Non – Reactive

The steel and aluminum utensils which we use these days dissolve in our meals whilst cooking and are risky for our health as they purpose sicknesses like Alzheimer’s ailment. Clay is a certainly current cloth that consists of no such harmful cloth. A clay pot as you’ll expect are inert in nature and do now not react with food components.

Cooks Slowly

Experts say that through cooking food on a low flame, the nutrients of the meal are nicely extracted, and it is a crucial step in producing the flavors. It takes time to prepare dinner, however a wise individual as soon as stated, the fruit of persistence is nice. Clay pots are extremely good utensils that can be used for this motive with out burning the food.

Keeps the Meals Warm

Clay, via design, is an detail capable of retaining warmness. Which ensures that the meals is kept heat for hours. And there would not be any want to reheat your meals in the microwave constantly. The radiation from the microwave could make the meals radioactive and harmful for your fitness instead of profiting from it.


We must use clay pots in our day day ordinary to cook dinner wholesome food complete of vitamins and flavor in preference to using hazardous aluminum utensils. Clay pots have various advantages except keeping the warmth and taste as they also upload as much as the kitchen aesthetics.