Decoding the Numbers: Business Analyst Salary in Pakistan

The business analyst (BA) role plays a vital part in bridging the gap between business needs and technical solutions. These professionals act as translators, ensuring both sides understand each other. It’s no wonder then, that BAs are in high demand across various industries.

But what about the compensation? If you’re considering a career in business analysis, or are currently a BA in Pakistan, understanding the salary range is crucial. This article delves into the factors that influence a BA’s salary in Pakistan and provides a general idea of what you can expect.

Key Factors Affecting BA Salary

  • Experience: As with most professions, experience is a major determinant of a BA’s salary. Entry-level BAs (1-3 years) can expect a starting salary in the range of PKR 1,693,990 [SalaryExpert]. With experience, this figure can climb significantly. Senior BAs (8+ years) can command salaries upwards of PKR 2,990,836 [SalaryExpert].

  • Industry: The industry you work in can also impact your salary. BAs in niche sectors like finance or technology might see higher salaries compared to those in more traditional industries.

  • Location: Big cities like Lahore or Karachi typically offer higher BA salaries compared to smaller towns.

  • Skills and Certifications: Having a strong skillset and relevant certifications can make you a more attractive candidate and potentially increase your earning potential.

  • Employer: The size and reputation of the company you work for can also play a role in your salary. Multinational corporations or established local players might offer more competitive salaries than smaller firms

Salary Ranges for Business Analysts in Pakistan

It’s important to remember that these are just general figures. The actual salary you can expect will vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Here’s a glimpse into what Payscale reports for Business Analyst, IT salaries in Pakistan:

  • Early Career (1-4 years): PKR 368,671 [Payscale]
  • Mid-Career (5-9 years): PKR 1,400,000 [Payscale]

Additional Compensation

Beyond base salary, some employers might offer benefits packages that include health insurance, paid time off, and bonuses.


A career in business analysis can be rewarding, both financially and professionally. By understanding the factors that influence BA salaries in Pakistan, you can position yourself strategically to negotiate a competitive compensation package. Remember, continuous learning and skill development are key to staying relevant and maximizing your earning potential in this dynamic field.