Helpful Hints For Travel Nurses – Make Packing Easy!

You’re a traveling nurse and have been told your destination and have all your paperwork in order. Now what should be next on your mind? That would be making sure that you have packed everything that you will need. This is one of the most important steps in getting ready to travel to your nursing assignment. No, this is not like packing for vacation, where you automatically know what clothes and toiletries are needed. You do not want to leave behind utensils, appliances or other indispensable articles you will need at your next “home away from home”. At some of your company’s lodging, the cookware is provided, but if you are more comfortable using your own, please do so. Do you have a well-loved plate and silverware set you like to eat with, that pot or pan you just can’t do without, or maybe your favorite espresso machine? Bring it along! Also, bedding and towels are most often not provided, so you will want to bring your own.

NursesRx, a travel nursing agency that provides placement for travel nurses, has some helpful hints to make your packing much simpler. Purchasing vacuum seal bags, from which your vacuum cleaner removes the air, can save you a lot of much needed space, when packing large, bulky items; for instance your comfy pillow or that soft, puffy blanket you like to curl up in. You can also make use of your pillowcases, placing clothing or other items in them, which then can be squeezed into a small area.

If you are going to drive to your new assignment, Medical Express, which is also a traveling nurse agency, has some suggestions. Plan your itinerary and know your mileage before you set out on your journey. You especially will want to know the location and availability of hotels along your route, in particular if you are journeying over a holiday. After a long day of driving, you don’t want to be stuck looking for a hotel room at midnight! Learn about the area in which you will be staying. It could be a lot of fun to check out some functions that the city has to offer, or maybe make yourself a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the park. After all, relaxation is just as important, to keep your mind and body refreshed when you are on the job.

A great helpful hint is to practice driving the route from your new accommodation to your workplace. You will want to do this during daytime rush hour, not only because it is easier to see where you are going while the sun still shines, but also to see how long it will really take you to get to work. After all, you don’t want to make a bad impression being late for work, due to traffic. American Mobile Healthcare, suggests investing in a good, reliable GPS system. They say that one of their traveling nurses has been on three assignments and hasn’t yet been lost. They also advise that the system should be one that gives vocal directions, so that you are not always looking down to check it, which can be a big problem, especially in heavy traffic.

Most travel nursing agencies will allow you to have early to your new abode, prior to your work start date, of about two to three days, or more. This will give you an opportunity to get all those time consuming chores done, such as hook-up of phone, gas and electric, cable, etc. and, of course, unpacking. By getting all of these things out of the way, it gives you a chance to recharge your internal “batteries” before you begin your new assignment. Of course it is also necessary to make sure that you have food to eat–so stock that refrigerator! Treat yourself to some “comfort food” to take some stress out of moving, just remember that comfort food doesn’t have to mean junk food.