How to Create Eye-Catching Labels for Various Container Shapes

Custom labels can be a great way to make your products stand out from the competition. Not only do they help you brand your product and provide important information, but they also give customers an idea of what’s inside the package. But creating eye-catching labels for various container shapes isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can use to create attractive and effective labels that will draw attention to store shelves. Read on to learn how to create custom labels that will make a lasting impression on potential customers!

1. Create a Simple Design

Creating a simple design is especially important when dealing with uniquely shaped containers. It’s easy to get carried away with elaborate designs or intricate patterns, but a simple, clean layout is often more effective. This is because it allows your product to speak for itself rather than being overshadowed a complicated label. A simple design makes it easier for customers to identify your product on crowded store shelves quickly. So don’t overthink it – keep it simple and let your product do the talking!

2. Incorporate Icons and QR Codes

Incorporating visuals such as icons or QR codes into your label design can help customers identify the type of product they are looking at without reading a long list of text. Icons are particularly helpful when dealing with products with complex ingredients or instructions, as they make it easier for customers to quickly identify what’s inside the container without reading a lot of text. Additionally, QR codes can link customers to more detailed information about your product, such as nutritional facts or usage instructions.

3. Select Stand-out Colors

Choosing eye-catching colors is key when designing custom labels for unique container shapes. Bright, vibrant colors can help draw attention to your product, while more subtle tones give it a classic look and feel. Additionally, you should consider the overall color palette of the store where your product will be displayed, as this may influence the type of colors you choose for your label design.

4. Choose a Clear Material


Choosing the correct type of label material is also essential when creating custom labels for unique container shapes. Generally, clear materials are best for this application, as they allow customers to still see what’s inside the package while being fully protected from water and dust. Additionally, clear materials can help create a “no-label” look that makes your product appear more professional and appealing to customers.

5. Add a Die-cut Window Feature

Adding a die-cut window to your label design can effectively draw attention to your product. This feature allows customers to get a glimpse of the contents without opening the package, which can help them decide if they’re interested in buying. Additionally, this feature can help emphasize any unique features of the container shape, such as an unusual top or bottom.

6. Order Samples to Test Your Design

Before investing in a large order of labels for unique containers, ensuring you’re happy with your design is vital. This is where ordering samples comes in handy. By ordering a few samples of your label design, you can better understand how it will look on the actual container and make any necessary changes before placing a large order. Additionally, this is a great way to test out different materials or colors to see which one works best for your product.

Creating custom labels for unique container shapes can be daunting, but the result is worth it. With simple tips and tricks, you can create attractive and effective labels that draw attention on store shelves. From creating a simple design to ordering samples to test your design, these steps will help you create custom labels that make a lasting impression on potential customers.