New Book Proves Profit Must Be Focus for Businesses to Succeed

Ron Collier’s new e book Profit Is an Attitude: The Strategies You Need to Optimize Profits is a tour de force declaration that every commercial enterprise owner wishes to listen-in short, if you need to be in commercial enterprise, you have to need to make a earnings. That may also look like common sense, but too often businesses fail because proprietors do not awareness on growing their income or maybe tracking whether or not or not they may be making one. As Collier states, maximum organizations are caught behind a boom wall and want to just accept that they have got to do the work to get over that wall. Without making a earnings, rarely will a commercial enterprise continue, so Collier, himself a successful entrepreneur and commercial enterprise control and sales representative, has written this book to illustrate a way to run a profitable commercial enterprise.

Collier’s revel in and tell-it-like-it-is style is refreshing. Having read many commercial enterprise books myself, I liked how he got directly to the coronary heart of his argument. Collier starts offevolved means of declaring that the enterprise owner wears three hats: owner, supervisor, and coworker, in particular in the starting. Unfortunately, the commercial enterprise can not grow if the proprietor is too busy being the coworker or maybe the supervisor. A business succeeds when the owner reveals others to be coworkers and managers for the commercial enterprise so the owner can recognition on being the entrepreneur.

While enterprise books usually spotlight a way to attain clients and sales, Collier points out that most companies do no longer fail from a lack of clients or sales but from negative management. The proprietor should expand a “income mind-set” and go to work every day as a way to make a earnings if the commercial enterprise is to be successful. Unfortunately, many people lack a income attitude or come to be too concerned within the nitty-gritty of enterprise operations to focus on the number one purpose of making a living. Collier stocks several memories of business owners he is known or labored with for the duration of the e-book, a lot of whom are misguided in this manner. For example, one commercial enterprise proprietor bragged that he changed into so busy he hadn’t had time to bill any of his customers for 3 months. Such commercial enterprise proprietors, as Collier notes, often grow to be bankrupt. Instead, a commercial enterprise ought to be constantly targeted on creating a earnings, and to do that, it must be well-prepared.

From there, most of Profit Is an Attitude is about the way to get organized, each financially and when it comes to employees and customers. While many business books cowl the subjects Collier discusses, I observed that the way he walked readers thru knowledge earnings and loss statements and balance sheets turned into sensible and clean-to-follow, and unique in that he constantly introduced the dialogue back to what’s important for a income to be finished. A key factor Collier makes is that best 3 ways exist for a commercial enterprise to increase income: growth sales, reduce fees, or raise fees. He discusses all of these alternatives and the way to decide that is nice wherein state of affairs; he additionally gives mathematical examples for aid; for example, he demonstrates how a mild price growth will help income develop more effortlessly than increasing sales. Ultimately, he argues that corporations need to attempt to some diploma to do all 3 of these activities often.