Your Strengths, Your Money

Need some more bucks to assist pay down debt or building I bunker up your emergency account? There are some easy methods to do it with out working any other process or being far from the youngsters even more. Using your *strengths*, brainstorm methods to zero in on new assets of earnings.

What ARE Your *Strengths*?

  • What are you simply correct at?
  • What do your pals/coworkers praise you approximately, time and again?
  • Are you a perfectionist in certain matters?
  • What matters do your buddies/circle of relatives tease you approximately, or find worrying, because you do these things so well?
  • Do you Enjoy Working with Numbers?

If you are superb at balancing your checkbook, you can pick out up a few extra bucks every month balancing for buddies who hate doing it themselves. A gentleman I understand used to order pizza for the bank teller in trade for keeping his checkbook balanced for him. He hated doing it. The teller found it very smooth. Perfect match!

Are you Artistic?

Perhaps you are a penny-saver. You’ve created a beautiful decorative field to maintain your pennies. Would they make best items for others? Make some extras and spot how they promote at Christmas bazaars. Give away as items to nieces, nephews, grandchildren. Others can also see them and want one. Some may also take them to high school and display them round.

If you make it fun for children to apply them, dad and mom will substantially appreciate it. In the intervening time, youngsters are learning a terrific savings addiction.

Are you a Perfectionist?

Can’t stand a dirty vehicle? Is your vehicle continually spotless, inner and out? Next time someone compliments you on it (or wishes their vehicle appeared notable like yours), allow them to recognize you may hold theirs as much as snuff for a couple of bucks every week or two. Their buddies and associates will note, and earlier than long you’ll have created a consistent flow of income. Around right here, the salt and chemicals need to be removed on a normal foundation all through snow season.

Do you Enjoy the Great Outdoors? Use the Seasons!


How about raking leaves? Bag up the leaves and take them with you for owners who do not enjoy this type work, or who can’t do it themselves. Fall is also an amazing time to give lawns a very last mowing. Mow the leaves up with the final grass cutting for the year. The leaves are genuinely extraordinary nourishment.