Fashion Trends That Are Heating Up Just in Time for Summer

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Fashion Trend #1: Luxury Leather

Luxury is making a comeback and the winner is… leather. People are responding to the luxuriousness and new style options. If leather sounds too hot for summer, don’t worry. Leather can be added as a simple accessory, such as a handbag or belt.

Leather has come a long way since the biker jacket too… There are paper thin leathers, laser cut leathers and a wide range of colors and styles. There are also very convincing ‘faux’ leathers for people who don’t like the real thing.

For summer, consider taking something light, like a floral print dress with a chic black leather jacket or vest. It gives instant class to a typical summer outfit.

Another take on the leather trend is leather trim. Think leather cuffs or collars. Leather makes a classy accent.

Fashion Trend #2: Overalls

Overalls are back in a big way this year. For summer, grab some shortalls. This year, leather and denim shortalls are definitely in!

It could be a nod to the recession, or maybe it’s just time to bring them back. From the farm to the runway, overalls are a big trend right now.

Also popular are overalls step-sister, the jumpsuit. Summer 2013 features adorable black short jumpsuits and overalls. Accessorize with a gold tank top, belt or chunky necklace.

Fashion Trend #3: Holographic Accessories

Holograms aren’t just for Tupac concerts anymore. Summer 2013 boasts a bold trend toward holographic accessories. They are bright, bold and stunning.

Holographic effects are being added to jewelry, nail polish, clutches, handbags, sunglasses… even shoes! Holographic accessories can create a dramatic effect in the summer sun. A truly futuristic fashion choice.

Fashion Trend #4: Ruffles

Oversized ruffles are big this year. Several runway collections featured highly styled and sculpted ruffles. Think of a bold peplum over a straight skirt.

Done right, ruffles can flatter your figure and add a touch of style to a classic design. Here are some tips for wearing ruffles. Ruffles are pretty dramatic on their own, so there is no need to accessorize. Keep jewelery to a minimum or choose, small, subtle pieces like stud earrings. Keep hair out of the way pulling it up into a sleek style that won’t compete.

Fashion Trend #5: Scarves

Scarves make a perfect summer fashion accessory. They can add a splash of color to a plain denim outfit or simple sheath dress. Scarves come in an endless variety of fabrics, knits, patterns and colors. Scarves can be silk, knit or cotton. They can be printed, painted or dyed.

Here are some great ways to accessorize with scarves!

A wide scarf can be fashioned into a colorful tank top. Or used as a hair wrap or shrug. Scarves can be knotted, braided or tied to make a bold fashion statement. A scarf can be twisted into an infinity look.